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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Services in Fresno

Let us Clean & Preserve Your Bridal, Formal, Specialty & Designer Garments & Special Moments.

Bridal, Formal, Specialty & Designer Apparel Cleaning Services in Fresno with Over 50 Years of Experience

We give special attention to bridal, formal, and designer wear. Your special garments are hand-cleaned and custom hand-finished — we can also do finishing only for bridal party gowns and suits or tuxedos to ensure your wedding photos will be picture perfect!
Our exceptional wedding gown department is prepared to clean, preserve, and restore your cherished garments for future generations. We thoroughly inspect and test all components and beading (both before and after your big day, if you like) to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and inadvertent losses. Brides choosing to box their gowns will receive our museum-quality preservation package, featuring premium lignin-free archival boxes to protect your precious items.

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and skill to provide the best care possible for your formal and designer wear. As a member of America’s Best Cleaners, we bring industry best practices and highest standards to our treatment of your fine clothes.

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Around-the-clock garment care to fit your busy schedule.

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Wash & Fold Questions

Frequently Ask Questions.

We will sort your items- lights, darks, and household items. Your clothes will be washed separately, and not combined with other clients. Your laundry will be washed at low temperature water with commercial grade detergent that sanitizes with a strong cleaning power. Your clothes will be dried at a low temperature to reduce shrinkage and fading. After washing and drying your clothes are folded and placed back into your laundry bag.


You can click the link, to open an account if you haven’t used our services before. A credit card on file is required for this service, and the bag fee for the service is $5.00 per bag.

If you are an existing customer please sign in with the email address we have on file for you, and either your chosen personal password or your temporary password (the last 4 digits of your phone number associated with your account.) If you need assistance, please contact

If you have a special detergent you prefer or would like a dryer sheet, these upgrades will be charged separately, and billed to your account on a per order basis. If you have heavy food stains, dirt, grass, etc. these items will be subject to additional charges for pretreatments prior to laundering.

No, dry -cleaning and laundry shirts are not included in the wash and fold orders. Dry -cleaning and laundry shirts are charged per piece as part of our dry-cleaning service.

These items are not included in the wash and fold orders, but we are happy to process these for you and will be priced per piece as part of our dry-cleaning service.

Yes, we have free delivery available within 5 miles of our Remington location.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

A cleaner future for your garments and our planet with our eco-friendly cleaning options

50 Years of Experience

A legacy of excellence in customer service and care

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