What is your turn around time?
Our normal turnaround time is two days. For example, if you drop off on Monday your clothes will be ready on Wednesday. We always offer next day service at no extra charge upon customer request. Same day service is available Monday – Friday at our Drive Thru location on Remington. Clothes must be dropped off by 9:00am for same day service. Same day service is not available at our Shaw & West location.

I have a spot on my garment what do I do?
The best thing you can do for your garment is to simply bring it to us. We are professional spot/stain removers, please just tell us what exactly is on your garment and we can take proper action. Do not use over the counter spot removers or attempt to remove with water; do not scrub or rub stain to prevent spreading or migrating.

Do all spots come out?
The majority of all spots do come out if removed by a professional drycleaner. If anybody can remove your spot, WE CAN!!

Do you clean leather garments?
Leathers and Suedes are outsourced to Snows Cleaners located in Stockton, California. They have been expertly cleaning leathers sine 1910.

Do you reweave garments?
We do not have a local reweaver; we send garments to be rewoven to WithOut A Trace Reweavers in Chicago, IL.