About Us

Jones Cleaning Centers, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has proudly served the Fresno, Clovis & Central Valley since 1968. It is our goal to develop lasting relationships with all of our new clients, and to continue our personalized relationships with our existing clientele. We are committed to providing consistently outstanding customer service as our number-one priority. We have an amazing team who are expertly skilled and knowledgeable about garment care and finishing practices.


Environmentally Safe Cleaning Technology

Jones Cleaning Centers, Inc. has been a GreenEarth cleaner since 2002. The Green Earth® cleaning system is a silicone-based cleaning solution that does not rely on carbon chemistry, thus eliminating a carbon footprint. The GreenEarth® cleaning solvent is chemically inert. The solvent carries detergent to your clothes and rinses away suspended dirt and oils trapped by the detergent.
We are always on the lookout for healthier and more efficient cleaning methods to improve our quality and level of service. In 2011 we introduced the use of eco-friendly System K4, an excellent European cleaning system for textiles, to our cleaning facility.


Recycling and Reusing Programs

In addition to using the safest dry cleaning and laundry solutions, we also have recycling and reuse programs. We believe recycling is an important social responsibility, and we take it very seriously. We offer recyclable hanger caddies to all of our clients. Put your old wire hangers in the caddies and bring them back to us; we will recycle them for you. Our clients can return the black plastic Mainetti hangers for reuse and earn a 25-cent credit on your account for every hanger returned. All of our packaging material such as tissue, hangers, and plastic garment bags can be recycled in your residential blue recycle bin. Thank you in advance for all your recycling efforts.


Giving Back

We also strive to give back to our community. We sponsor Coats for Kids, are a founding sponsor of Crime Stoppers, and support the Sweet Nectar Society of Valley Children’s Hospital.